The realist stuff I ever wrote, do not let Colin Kaepernick get bigger than his message

Tom Brady.

Cam Newton.

Aaron Rodgers.

A few of high-profile NFL quarterbacks who have shown their support for free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick who some say is being blackballed and not given a fair chance to return to the National Football league.

“I think he should be on a roster right now. I think because of his protests, he’s not,” Rodgers told ESPN last month.

“He accomplished a lot in the pros as a player. And he’s certainly qualified and I hope he gets a shot” Brady stated.

“He’s made the ultimate sacrifice (as a player) and I respect that wholeheartedly,” Newton stated. “But that’s a legend, right there. For him to think outside of himself, to raise awareness of something that, this is 365 days removed from his first initial stand, and now here we are doing the same things. And now everybody is kind of understanding what his reasoning was, and I respect that.” Newton shared.

With the help of President Donald Trump, this supposed blackballing of Kaepernick looks even worse than ever and importantly the message behind him sitting or taking a knee during the National anthem looks even worse by being lost.

There are not enough words that can be typed about the most historical day for activism in sports after Trump’s rhetoric of calling those who protested the national anthem sons of b****s.

It led to 200 NFL players took part in the form of protest during the national anthem. That is real brotherhood no matter the skin color.

If you don’t like sports and politics mixed in one, the next few words may not be for you.

There is a new reality for the games we love. Players are using their platform to express their opinions. The weekend after President Trump made these comments he even disinvited the Golden State Warriors to the White House. NFL and NBA players became closer than ever. Teams stayed in the locker room, owners and players came close on the sideline, some took a knee, and some locked arms. There were varieties of ways this team came together and supported each other.

The president turned this into a wildfire.

This is not about the flag. I may not like what Kaepernick is doing. I understand what he is doing, however, respect that he can do it. If you show up to the games you have the right to boo him in a peaceful manner. If President Trump says these players have to be fired that does not mean I have to agree with him. We as Americans are fortunate to have to the opportunity to express ourselves in a peaceful manner.

The symbolism of taking a knee in front of the flag is sensitive and I understand that it looks like you are protesting the flag. That is not the message. The flag is beautiful. People of color and minorities are saying we are here on display to state there is inequality here moreover something is not fair here especially when it comes to police violence.

These protests need to be on this stage. A message this caliber cant be made in front of your local grocery store. Protests are not supposed to be comfortable. They are supposed to make you uncomfortable. They are supposed to make you aware, make you begin a discussion.

Kaepernick sharing his thoughts with hip-hop artist J. Cole

President Trump was not only unpatriotic he was completely wrong in categorizing a group of professional athletes. You are the president. You cannot call these protestors son of bi**tchs. You are the President of the United States. The USA is about inclusion. And that is not your message. The flag means so many things to different Americans. It not about the physical flag it is about more than that. The flag for white America is not the same for minorities. Dialogue is needed. Let us move forward.

The NFL itself is crumbling under its feet with domestic violence cover-ups and concussion scandals, which is now its reputation. Athletes across professional sports have also become more outspoken about social issues, and the NFL is king every Sunday and they have to own up to it especially with President trump pouring salt on the wound.

The then-49ers quarterback’s decision not to stand for the national anthem first drew attention last year, the football world wasn’t impressed then. Now it has become bigger than Kaepernick but let’s be sure the attention is not away from the message that led him to sit or take a knee.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick has spent his unemployment finishing out a million-dollar pledge to dozens of grass-roots charity groups around the country and running civil rights education events for kids in disadvantaged areas. He’s also reportedly kept in shape for a professional-caliber job, and his jersey remains among the league’s top sellers.

Friends have shared they feel Kaepernick will not play for a football team this entire season. If true it will be alarming moreover only amplify the message even more.




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  1. One question that hasn’t been asked.
    Did these “players” vote? If the answer is yes, then why can’t they protest? (Society, you can’t tell people “when they” can protest).. Don’t you then have the right then to express your views on issues that you want to change?!

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