West Lamy 

Presently my passport requires no photograph. Experienced play-by-play announcer and multimedia sports journalist with years of producing and covering sports. WORLDWIDEWEST is a journey; in this journey my feet don’t get blisters, but my shoes do.

Everyone’s story begins somewhere. I have not let the disadvantages I have, such as being a black male from a poor background make me a spectator. Rather, this has intensified my drive to become an influential figure in academics and life. I have not let these disadvantages limit me. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am a first-generation college graduate of Haitian descent.

To paraphrase Cecil B. DeMille, “[Sports] is a drug I cannot live without.” To be a journalist, you have to be interested in the outside world. I came to this conclusion when my world instantly expanded from local basketball courts to a global culture when I was introduced to 60 Minutes. This television newsmagazine radically altered my views on global issues and sparked my interest on the unique style of report-centered investigations. I was most intrigued with the late pioneering African-American journalist Ed Bradley.

As a columnist, I will also have the chance to bring the personal experiences of underrepresented students and people of color into the realm of writing and play-by-play announcing. I will be able to make contributions to my field both through my research and outreach to students. I am committed to mentoring and sharing my knowledge with students, particularly people of color and those from underprivileged groups. Furthermore, I am acutely aware about the world of media and broadcast journalism being challenging yet rewarding, requiring one to break barriers and research issues about which we are passionate. I look forward to these challenges with much zeal.