The Dolphins make me cry, “Chris get the Yayo!” Miami needs wins now to move forward

White privilege is real. Ballers is an HBO TV series.

Both are bizarre sentences to open this column however this is stuff that you can not make up when it comes to the history and drama for the Miami Dolphins brand that is becoming a punch line.

Is this reality? Was there a 56-second video of Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster sniffing “yayo” through a rolled up 20 dollar bill at the Dolphins facilities before a meeting professing his love to black model Kijuana Nige who released the video to illustrate the inequalities that exist in the country?


Name this script for Ballers “the line coach doing lines.”

Foerster should have been fired. Not allowed to resign.

The bottom line is this. Dolphins rank 32nd and dead last in seven major offensive categories: yard per game, yards per play, passing net yards per play, first downs per game, third-down efficiency and points per game.

Foerster was not doing his job. Receiving a salary of over 2 million dollars moreover Jay Ajayi rushing the football looks worse than I thought knowing what I know now.

“I accept full responsibility for my actions,” Foerster stated through the team. “I want to apologize to the organization. My sole focus is on getting the help I need.”

The assistant coach apparently had sent the recording as sort of video love letter to Nige, a former girlfriend. He compromised the entire team and got ‘s the opportunity to resign. I don’t even think he deserves to give a statement. Yes, he will get help. I will also pray for him spiritually. Coincidently, offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil’s draft-night bong mask looks Disney rated.

He has been doing this on the job and costing the team wins all year long. Foster, a married father of three turns 56 this week cannot be off the hook that easily. Dolphins were his 10th different college or professional job. Miami the backdrop to “Miami Vice,” or “Scarface” has to be his favorite stop in his career now.

I am defending Jay Cutler in this column just by actually understanding how poorly coached his offensive line was.

Nige shared on social media she released the video because of the backlash against black NFL players who have kneeled during the National Anthem in protest of inequality.

“I have gotten a lot of hate mail. I have gotten a lot of support.” Nige stated. “ I did what needed to be done so I take it all. Even if he did not send that video it was going to be exposed.”

“How do you have someone getting paid millions for a team doing “blow” and we cant have players kneeling during the anthem?” Nige questioned.

According to, Nige is a Kansas City native who was “nationally ranked in sports.” She expressed her motives in releasing the video was to expose the inequalities in the system, not just the NFL. Disparities to being a minority compared to being a privileged white person in America.

Foerster was one of the highest-paid assistant coaches in the NFL. How was Foerster given the opportunity to resign? If he was a minority would he have been fired? Collectively, further light is exposed to the system to inequalities and white privilege, which may never die.

Now what? The Dolphins wasted no time in returning Dave DeGuglielmo to the organization as a senior offensive assistant, the team announced. His responsibility will be to coach the offensive line in Miami, and he will work with assistant offensive line coach Chris Kuper.

Dolphins 2-2 travel to Atlanta with a distraction to the team and the horrendous offensive line. Win and Miami moves on easier, lose and the team will only sniff more criticism.


Author: West Lamy

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