The Perfect Storm, Mark Richt apologized once for the Hurricanes but twice sent a different message

The Miami Hurricanes football team ended their season with a three-game losing streak a surprise to many. In the final loss of the season, a 34-24 defeat in the Orange Bowl to the Wisconsin Badgers Hurricanes head coach Mark Richt received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that led to a Wisconsin touchdown late in the first half.

Richt was unlike himself; he lost his cool while arguing with officials about what replays showed was a missed holding call that would have pushed Wisconsin back. He grabbed at head linesman Gus Morris — part of the SEC crew on the game — while pleading his case and while shoving Miami security personnel who unsuccessfully tried to keep him calm. Miami was not getting calls.

The flag set Wisconsin up with a first-and-goal at the 5, and the Badgers scored one play later to go up 24-14 in a game they had once trailed 14-3.

Richt respectively apologized after the game. Fair game.
Days later Richt went on twitter to apologize again. Why?

I know Richt was out of line, but there was so much bottled in for a head coach of a team that was slumping. Hurricanes ascended to the college football playoff rankings to then take a three-game losing streak to next year’s season opener against LSU in Arlington, Texas. As the play caller of the offense why not fight for your team, why not give the team a spark. The turnover chain was a spark for the Hurricanes defense.

The turnover chain was a huge benefit for the Hurricanes defense. Entering the Orange Bowl Miami recorded 30 takeaways this season – 17 interceptions and 13 fumble recoveries. The Hurricanes forced 22 of those turnovers – 13 interceptions and nine fumble recoveries – in the last seven games. The player responsible for a turnover is given the team’s “turnover chain” on the sideline after making the play. Sixteen players have donned the chain this season. The most prominent story of the year is the turnover chain in South Florida. The defensive players had the chain to back up their diverse personalities.

Richt was not himself again he apologized, however, he will be head coaching a team next season who will be looking for a starting quarterback in the spring because of the satisfactory play by Malik Rosier this season.

No one is feeling sorry for the Rosier who threw an interception when Hurricanes were in the red zone that could have been a momentum changer in the game. The Walter Camp Coach of the Year did get in the face of Rosier and question his decision behind the turnover. The Badgers were not apologizing.

The Hurricanes were on a four-game losing streak last season, then started a 15-game winning streak that ended in the regular-season finale against Pitt. Richt needs to bring that fire minus grabbing referees next season.

“His tone is demanding,” Defensive lineman Chad Thomas stated. “ That’s one thing I like about coach Richt. He asked you to do it. But he really told you to do it.”

The U needs to bounce back offensively, and it begins with the Head coach. I am not by any means stating Richt needs to become that coach on the sideline with his emotions on his sleeves but with the incoming recruits along with the foundation of his second season. The pressure will be higher. Get fired up Mark.

Author: West Lamy

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