In the Heat of the moment, Wade County, welcome home

It was weird writing about him leaving. The same feeling resonates with him returning.

Dwyane Wade is back in a Miami Heat uniform. He is back and never leaving again.

Welcome home.

Before Wade left the question from so many around me, is it even possible? Yes. The moment it was announced from a source who texted me he was returning, I wondered it is even possible? Yes.

When I would view Wade in a Chicago Bulls uniform the original team he signed with, then the Cleveland Cavaliers who he was recently traded from for a conditional second-round draft pick as the Cavaliers dismantled the team, all I said to myself was what are you doing?

Yes, he was born in Chicago, which is an amazing city by the way however he never looked joyous. Cleveland was a bad idea the moment he even had a sit-down interview in the preseason previewing the start of the season.

A contract dispute in which both sides looked bad was the reason for his departure. It is the past now. Now, Wade is not Flash instead he is just a 36-year-old basketball superstar who has a hall of fame future. Wade is coincidently “Wade County” as he dethroned Dan Marino as the hometown hero.

“When you have a team you believe in, it makes it easy. I believe in these guys,” Wade stated.

Wade is averaging a career-low 11.2 points a game, the fact that Dion Waiters out with an ankle injury Wade will fit right back in like a glove. He is expected to come off the bench however his presence will be more than enough help the team ends the five-game losing streak.

Wade needs no motivation; Heat fans and family will be enough. Wade will put on a Heat uniform shooting .455 from the floor (better than All-Star Goran Dragic) and is shooting .329 from three-point range, it is okay, but a career high. The Heat will need it all.



Author: West Lamy

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