Gone fishing, Miami Marlins 2018 Baseball preview

You heard the classic hip-hop song by the great Notorious B.I.G. featuring Mase and Puff Daddy (his rap name at the time) “Mo Money Mo Problems.” The opening lyrics are classic.

“Now, who’s hot, who not? Tell me who rock, who sell out in the stores?
You tell me who flopped, who copped the blue drop? Whose jewels got rocks?
Who’s mostly Dolce down to the tube sock? Mase rapped.

This season the Miami Marlins may not be hot, and with their budget, they will absolutely not be Dolce down to the tube sock. No money, more problems. The Marlins did help the rich get richer. The team new owner Derek Jeter who formally played for, the New York Yankees acquired Giancarlo Stanton and cash considerations from the Marlins for Starlin Castro and minor leaguers Jorge Guzmán and José Devers.

Also, Marlins traded two other former All-Stars Dee Gordon and Marcell Ozuna. Gordon was traded to the Seattle Mariners for prospects.

Last season the highlight was Stanton one home run short of 60 for the season. This year, will the home run sculpture will even function when one is hit? I will not preview this team like I know the plan however they will show up on the diamond.

All eyes will be on Lewis Brinson. Brinson was acquired from Milwaukee in the Christian Yelich deal. The Fort Lauderdale native has been highly rated the past three seasons in the Rangers, Brewers and currently Marlins system. The power and speed are alive. His downfall is his bat to ball skills but should improve as the 23-year-old matures.

Brinson will shine in the outfield and as teammate

Brinson was impressive in spring training as the Marlins hosted the Stoneman Douglas High School baseball and softball teams before their spring training opener. Expressing his joy to a school from his hometown. He will be a fantastic centerfielder with the defensive skills to back it up.

Catcher J.T. Realmuto is the player who keeps the pulse alive in the Marlins’ lineup. Realmuto can balance his batting average and home runs for a lineup looking to earn wins throughout the summer. Realmuto can steal bases adding motivation for the next batter.

Justin Bour can seize the moment and improve from last year’s 25-home run outing. Bour does not need to knock them out the park per say consistently instead enhance his hitting average that scouts mention make him one dimensional.

Two fish Marlins fans will have chances to appreciate after keys players were shopped around in the offseason, Derek Dietrich, and Martin Prado. The pressure will be on Dietrich to show what he can do. Prado was amazing at everything moreover proved he is an everyday player until injury kicked in.

Marlins pitching come on down.

Jose Urena has a cannon for an arm to help the team save face. Urena needs to get a grasp of the strike zone. Dan Straily will be reliable when Don Mattingly calls him to the mound.

The talk is the Marlins will lose 100 games. I doubt it. Marlins will finish last in the National League East, however with 90 losses. Jeter will be making appearances throughout the season; I don’t know if it will lead to “mo problems.”




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