In the Heat of the moment, Miami was in attendance on draft night but not really in attendance

I have been gone for a minute now I am back at the jump off.

The Miami Heat made the playoffs nevertheless lost 4 out of 5 to the Philadelphia 76ers ending their recent season. The Heat did not have a pick on draft night. A trade? “No Bueno” at this moment.

Riley was dialing down expectations on draft night compared to his season-ending exit interview when he led Heat fans to believe he would be aggressive in free agency with a trade sharing everyone is available for a potential trade.

“This could be not a passive summer,” Riley stated. “But it may not be the kind of summer that you think something big can happen.”

LeBron James is taking his talents to Hollywood. He was in Miami, to watch his son play basketball.

Right now it appears the same roster will be returning next season. The same core Riley signed in 2017 is who Miami fans may be paying tickets to see play.

LeBron was a thought, Kawhi is a long shot.

Riley left Miami fans believing this will be a rare quiet summer for the franchise.

“I don’t know if there is going to be midnight meetings. Not this year,” Riley said.

The relationship with Erik Spoelstra and Hassan Whiteside remains the big elephant in the room. Whiteside has shared his frustration on social media in the offseason, Spoelstra has had father duties but has expressed the Heat will handle Whiteside.

“There has been movement, I expect a lot out of Hassan,” Riley stated. “ Contrary to what people might think about us trading him we have not offered him to anyone.”

Okay, nothing happened on draft night or the offseason up to this point for “El Heat.”

If Miami returns the similar team, it needs to be with Dwyane Wade on the team. They need to everything in their power to bring back Wade. The power is entirely in the three-time champion’s court however for the fans to enjoy attending games at the AmericanAirlines Arena Wade needs to be in a Heat uniform next season.

Wade is not a transformative player anymore however he is the biggest star for the City of Miami, and he makes everything they do more pleasant for fans to enjoy.

LeBron the decision part three has ended, Wade’s decision will not be seismic, but it sure will prevent any disaster.

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