The Dolphins make me cry, Miami’s overtime win over the Chicago Bears, this young man will never forget

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.

If you are patient enough and overcome adversity, you can make lemon meringue pie.

Lemon custard is usually the source for the pie; the point is the pie is the goal.

Steven Jean faced many obstacles growing up on the Island Nation of Haiti. With the support of family, his parents sent him to Miami, Florida for opportunities and the goal of a college education.

There was one lemon thus far; Jean did not speak a word of the English language when he stepped foot on Miami soil. His quality of life improved and that was enough to inspire him for the challenges ahead.

The NFL caught the attention of Jean; the Miami Dolphins automatically was his team while raised in Miami, away from his birth home of Haiti. He witnessed the Miami Heat win multiple championships however his favorite team in Miami, hands is hands down the Dolphins.

After completing his junior year of high school with above 3.5-grade point average, Jean never attended a Dolphins game. That would all change when the Chicago Bears visited the Miami Dolphins.

The joy was all over his face Sunday morning, “I could not sleep last night,” Jean said. The news of starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill not playing in the game because of a shoulder injury, diminished his excitement a little but only for a moment.

With the help of Dolphins Senior Vice President of Communications Jason Jenkins Steven was given pregame field access before kickoff. It was a moment that left Jean speechless the moment he stepped on the field.

“These players are big,” Jean stated. “Hard Rock stadium looks small on television.”

In recovery from the shock of being on the field, the game itself was one that he would never forget.

Kicker Jason Sanders turned teammate Kenyan Drake’s fumble into a footnote.
Drake lost the ball when the Dolphins were on the verge of victory. The rookie made a 47-yard field goal as time expired in overtime Sunday for a 31-28 win over the Chicago Bears.

The Dolphins were served lemons throughout the game back and forth they went, but in front of Dolphins’ fans and the presence of Steven, they overcame adversity to win a team.

Miami’s Brock Osweiler threw for a career-high 380 yards and three touchdowns subbing for Tannehill, who sat out because of an injured throwing shoulder.

The Dolphins took the kickoff to start overtime and marched 74 yards, but Drake fumbled just before crossing the goal line. Eddie Goldman recovered for the Bears.

When the ball sailed between the uprights, Drake sank to both knees on the field and bowed his head in relief.

“That’s the great thing about this sport and this team: When you’re down, you’re never out,” Drake said.

The matchup was Steven’s first Dolphins game in person. A win illustrating the best example of this team overcoming adversity in the victory.

“What a game!” Jean said, “4-2 now.”

The team lifted each other in their words to teammate Drake and their actions to win. A recipe for a lemon meringue pie.



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