The Dolphins make me cry, Miami Dolphins and Broxel Announce Multi-Year Agreement

Miami Gardens, Fla – The Miami Dolphins and Broxel announced a multi-year partnership, in which the financial technology company will develop the Official Prepaid Debit Card of The Miami Dolphins and entitle the newly named 72 Club presented by Broxel.

“We are excited to work with Broxel, an organization that has our shared beliefs of innovation, technology and sustainability,” said Jeremy Walls, Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer of Miami Dolphins. “Hard Rock Stadium is a global entertainment destination with world class events, and we look forward to partnering with Broxel to augment our cashless experience for fans.”

“The Miami Dolphins have always focused on creating the best possible experience for their fan base, a passion that we share and put into every product and service we design for our customers and their families,” said Gustavo Gutierrez, CEO and Founder of Broxel. “We are proud of this partnership, excited about being part of The Miami Dolphins and South Florida community and thrilled about offering the best cashless experience for every Dolphin´s fan. We have common values and now we share the same goals.”

Broxel operates in the US, Mexico, and since 2021 across Latin America through an international agreement with Google. The partnership sealed with the Miami Dolphins is part of Broxel´s internationalization strategy, and a relevant milestone in its B2B and B2C business model.

This multi-year agreement is an important step to enhance the fanbase on-site experience and transform Hard Rock Stadium into a 100% cashless venue. The official prepaid debit cards will be available by the 4Q of 2021, and users will also be able to manage their expenses inside and outside of the stadium, by downloading the cutting edge Broxel App.

As the Official Prepaid Debit Card, Broxel will have a strong branding presence at Hard Rock Stadium and will host the unique luxury catering to high-end clientele with a complete end-to-end experience, unparalleled in sports and entertainment.

Broxel has a strong commitment to reduce carbon emissions in the financial technology industry. The company has announced the inventory of direct and indirect carbon emissions, the reduction of its carbon footprint and the consistent compensation of emissions, to become net-zero carbon emissions by 2022, a goal that matches the environmental and social awareness of the South Florida community.

In addition, fans will be able to experience the newly named 72 Club presented by Broxel. This desirable and all-inclusive location features the most comfortable seats in Hard Rock Stadium and the ability to watch replays and highlights on private screens.

Author: West Lamy

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