The Dolphins make me cry, Miami Dolphins are 1-7, now what?

When the game began, Tua Tagovailoa started in the game. The question now is, was this his last game in a Miami Dolphins uniform?

The game started well for the Dolphins; however, the anticipation of winter arriving continues.

The Dolphins visited division rival Buffalo Bills and returned home with a 26-11 loss. They have lost seven in a row, the longest skid since losing their first seven of the 2019 season.

The Dolphins make me cry, Miami Dolphins were part of National Tight End Day in loss to Atlanta Falcons

Bills quarterback Josh Allen started cold however warmed up to the Dolphins’ defense. He began 10 of 19 for 80 yards through Buffalo’s first series of the second half; Allen closed 19 of 23 for 169 in a game that began tied at 3.

The Bills have beaten Miami for seven straight games.

The Dolphins cut the lead to 17-11 on Tua Tagovailoa’s 1-yard push and 2-point conversion pass to Mike Gesicki early in the fourth quarter.

It has become hard to find the positives in what the Dolphins are currently doing this season opening with a win, but nowadays, the second to last worst team in the NFL, Detroit Lions, are 0-8.

The Bills and Dolphins will not see each other until next season, leading to Jones waving goodbye to Christian Wilkins.

Brian Flores arrived at the post-game press conference an hour later. It has begun. Stories that aren’t relevant to the game being played on the field stick out more.

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, November 2nd at 4:00 pm. Rumors and headlines will be swirling around the Dolphins no matter the decision made.

Houston is asking for three first-round draft picks and possibly more for Deshaun Watson. I will not be surprised if the Dolphins pull the trigger and give that up. Watson’s legal issues at the moment are not criminal. Dolphins, in return, will receive a franchise player if he remains healthy. The Dolphins can build momentum with nine games remaining. Winning can cure how bad this season is going.

The Dolphins defense was very competitive, keeping the team in it. Offensively it was a bit of a letdown. Adding Watson to this team, they have enough weapons to be a good enough football team around the three-time pro bowler.

Watson will remove his no-trade clause for the Dolphins; this is a city where athletes want to live in and no state tax. If the offensive line, the wide receivers, and tight end Mike Gesicki can come together, it is an improved football team.

“Miscommunication” is a term Miami fans are constantly hearing from the players and coaching staff. Tua is a young quarterback who is continually making mistakes. It is only his second season, and he is still learning how to execute the Dolphins offense. He has played well with all the noise around him, mainly Watson trade rumors over his head. With seven losses in a row, the pressure is the highest, and the Dolphins can’t afford to make the same mistakes.

Tua is not the only reason the Dolphins are 1-7. He has been average for a top draft pick. There have been three offensive coordinators for the team, but everyone is responsible for this disaster. You can’t point fingers and, at the same time, pat coaches on the back.

The puzzling part is the Dolphins were 10-6 last season however made changes in the offseason. Several talented players are not on this team from last season, and it is affecting the team. The offseason moves and development of players have not come composed.

Dolphins need to throw out the record. Play each game as if they are 1-0 to be the best players they can be in the NFL at this moment. The goal is to play as well at 1-7 as you would 7-1.




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