The Dolphins make me cry, Miami rookie Charles Harris is leading a rookie class on the field and in the community

When it comes to community work, the Miami Dolphins set the bar in actively not only putting community first, but actually seeking areas where the team’s helping hands may be needed.

After the NFL draft, Dolphins rookies learned they are immediately parts of the team in the community work they are not being hazed for per se instead the impact they make helping as a rookie or as Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino.

The Dolphins rookie class participated in a Rebuilding Together Broward event at AMIKids, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping troubled youth develop into responsible and productive citizens. Moreover AMIKids’ mission is to protect public safety and positively impact as many youth as possible through the efforts of a diverse and innovative staff.

“When the Dolphins come out, it’s amazing because we get so many strong guys to do a lot of work,” Rebuilding Together Broward Executive Director Robin Martin stated. “But it also impacts everyone on multiple levels: the kids get to see the athletes are serving and giving back to the community as well as proving a tangible good. To see these many guys come out and knock out a project, it impacts all of us. As well as these young teens that are at a crossroads in their life to get their life back on track.”

Dolphins rookies in attendance with Rebuilding Together Broward event at AMIKids

This marked the third time the rookie class has been active in the South Florida community since arriving in early May. Coming off a 10-6 season, the Dolphins are looking to take another step going into the 2017 season. It began with their first-round pick and 22nd overall, defensive end Charles Harris who created havoc off the edge as a college star at Missouri. The Dolphins passed on linebacker Rueben Foster and Forrest Lamp who could have slotted as a starting guard for them immediately.

Harris, at the Rebuilding Together Broward event at AMIKids, was impressive in one standout way. Leading the Dolphins rookie class in a manner that gets the project done moreover the organization wants to gives back to the community rather you should be giving back to the community. Harris showed what was expected of him not only as just the first-round pick, but has taken it upon himself as the leader of this rookie class.

“He has that first one in last one out mentality every day,” fifth-round pick Isaac Asiata stated. “When I leave the facilities he is still there. That’s great qualities to have as a rookie.”

Harrison led the rookies in assisting with revamping the kids’ outdoor lunch area, renewing the basketball court, adding mulch and cleaning up debris.

The 21 rookies have a break from on the field and off the field community work until July 20th when they return for their first taste of training camp. The team will take advantage of a league rule that allows for an early start for first year players. The veterans return six days later.

Harris has proven his first-round selection by being the most disruptive defender during the team’s organized team activities. Specifically harassing the quarterback.

“It is consistent,” coach Adam Gase stated. “He’s really done a good job of trying to implement the techniques we’re asking him to do, and doing everything in the run game and passing game exactly [how] he is coached to do.”

Harris possesses a polished rip-and-spin move that is difficult to block. There have even been echoes during OTAs that he is Miami’s best first-round pick “in years.” He is quick with no pads, more importantly his flashing first step in drills brings excitement. Harris’ community involvement in a leadership role is flashy on its own.

“OTAs are not a joke, I did not know how serous it was even with no pads, it feels like pads on everyday,” Harris stated. “We are getting better than the veterans, I am getting better than Cam right now. I naturally have energy when it comes to community work and practice.”

Harris jokingly shared he is getting better than veteran Cam Wake at the moment with the added time given to the rookies however humility is what he exudes tremendously. Wake is always giving technique pointers away from the media cameras along with the community work, why is Harris not worth his draft status. Time will tell.


Author: West Lamy

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