The Dolphins make me cry, Miami continues to make an impact in community for the Thanksgiving holiday

If you take time and deliberate a tortured dead bird with dried bread stuffed into its anal cavity is not a symbol of thankfulness and abundance.

The gratitude that goes into the Thanksgiving holiday is the modern vision of it all. The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation moreover to return the kindness. That’s Thanksgiving.

The Miami Dolphins football team has not lived up to the expectation of their fans with their current four-game losing streak moreover off the field headlines, but they have stood by them, and the response returns in the community.

The Dolphins have continued their longstanding tradition of serving the community and assisting those in need during the 2017 season. A day after a disappointing 30-20 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Dolphins partnered with Hyundai to distribute Thanksgiving meals to 500 South Florida families.

“It’s way for us to get away from the game a bit. It is something really cool the Dolphins and Publix do,” Kicker Cody Parkey stated. “A lot of people are not fortunate to afford a turkey; it is cool to help them put a smile on their face, gets us away from football and appreciate what is going on.”

The Dolphins stayed true to their commitment to serve the community and find ways to improve relationships in improving community effort. Players, cheerleaders, alumni, and staff have visited numerous schools, hospitals and community centers throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Families were pre-selected by Feeding South Florida from 50 nonprofit partner agencies. They participated in the chance to take photos with players wide receiver Kenny Stills and autographs from players rookie defensive end Charles Harris to name a few.

“This is what our organization is all about. We are all about the community,” alumni tight end Troy Drayton stated. “Anything that deals with the community and giving back that is part of the Miami Dolphins foundation.”

Players, coaches, mascot T.D., the Miami Dolphins Women’s Organization and Hyundai staff were all in attendance to volunteer a hand to families who lined up to accept meals from Publix that serve 7-8 people each. Arguably the remarkable portion, being escorted with your shopping cart to your car by a Dolphins player.

Dolphins players take time to make impact during Thanksgiving

In the recent loss to the Buccaneers, Miami committed 17 penalties for 123 yards; the franchise record is eighteen. Miami, which has lost four straight for the first time since 2013, now faces a steep climb in the playoff chase.

“The main product is on the field, and you want everything to match accordingly. But at the end of the day, you can be champions both on and off the field. That is what this Miami Dolphins football is all about,” Troy Drayton stated. “People put a lot of emphasis into the record, which is what it is all about. You have to look at the charitable side and what the Dolphins do in this community.”

A week earlier, the Miami Dolphins and Publix came together to take 125 students shopping for Thanksgiving meals. Dolphins players, cheerleaders, mascot T.D. as well as Miami Dolphins Women’s Organization members and Ft. Lauderdale Police walked up and down the Publix aisles with kids checking items off their Thanksgiving shopping lists. The event started in 2003, celebrates 15 years and hosting more than 1,400 students throughout South Florida.

“When you look at other teams, we are one of the top teams doing impactful events in the community.” Troy Drayton stated. “Football will take care of itself. We have to be an extension of football.”

In total over the recent weeks, the Dolphins distributed Publix gift cards and turkeys to feed more than 1500 families throughout South Florida. On the field, Dolphins visit New England on Nov. 26, the start of a three-week stretch when Miami will see the Patriots twice.

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