Apple Card is loved amongst customer satisfaction

I only own one credit card now.

It is the Apple Card. I call it “A.C.”

I don’t regret it, and other customers feel the same.

Apple Card customers ranked Goldman Sachs and Apple Card No. 1 in customer satisfaction among Midsized Credit Card segment, according to J.D. Power.

Apple Card, created by Apple, is the only card issued by Goldman Sachs, which ranked highest among the Midsize Credit Card segment in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study received a chart-topping score of 864.1 Apple Card and issuer Goldman Sachs also ranked highest in the Midsize Credit Card segment across all surveyed categories, including interaction, credit card terms, communication, and benefits and services, rewards, and key moments.

“It is exciting to be recognized with this first J.D. Power win, just two years after introducing Apple Card in 2019 and the first time being included in this study,” said Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay. “We designed Apple Card to help our customers lead healthier financial lives, so it’s incredibly meaningful to see that our customers are valuing this. Being recognized as the leader in this category this year is an honor, and we look forward to continuing to deliver this product, service, and support with our award-winning issuer as Apple Card expands to more and more customers across the U.S.”

Paying a credit card bill never became easier

The number one satisfaction I have with AC is my due date is at the end of every month. I can barely remember what clothes I had on yesterday—leading me to forget to pay my credit card bill. Now, keeping track of a budget in addition to the modern simplicity of the card. It helps make budgeting money, which can be complicated, easy. The wallet application which incorporates AC is well designed, beautiful, and easy to use.

Apple Card disrupted the credit card industry when it launched in 2019 as the first credit card designed for iPhone. Built with customers’ financial health in mind, Apple Card is a no-fee credit card that provides customers with a secure and seamless way to manage their finances right from Apple Wallet on iPhone. Apple Card also offers Daily Cash rewards when customers spend online or in-store, including 3 percent Daily Cashback on purchases made directly with Apple and select merchants with Apple Pay and 2 percent on purchases through Apple Pay.

My least satisfaction with AC is the perks. Three percent cashback for my iCloud storage subscription is what sold me. I hope they improve on the cashback percentages being higher than three percent; moreover, more possible exclusive rewards for being an AC holder. Overall, give more of everything.

Earlier this year, Apple expanded the great benefits of the Apple Card with the introduction of the Apple Card Family, which allows Apple Card customers to share an Apple Card account with their Family Sharing group and build healthy financial habits together. With Apple Card Family, two individuals 18 years or older can become co-owners of the same account, providing the opportunity for both to build credit history together, get the flexibility of a combined limit, provide transparency into each other’s spending, share the responsibility of making payments, and deliver the convenience of a single monthly bill to pay.

Additionally, with Apple Card Family, customers can share their Apple Card account with up to five participants, including children 13 years or older, who can learn how to spend responsibly and earn their own Daily Cash on their own purchases while giving co-owners transparency and control over their spending. Participants over the age of 18 can also opt into credit reporting so they can begin to build credit history.

Apple works with Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City Branch as their bank issuing partner, and Mastercard as their network for Apple Card.



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