Atlanta Hawks 2023-24 NBA Season Preview

The Atlanta Hawks get to hit the reset button from last season.

Quin Snyder will get his first entire season as Hawks head coach. Snyder will have full autonomy to implement his basketball principles, improving ball movement for a team that struggled in assist percentage last season.

Patty Mills, Wesley Matthews, and Kobe Bufkin are new additions for the Hawks. John Collins is now a member of the Utah Jazz.

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Hawks’ improvement may not come at a high mark but expect improvement.

It starts with Trae Young, who is dynamic but can be a liability on the defensive end. The guard combo of Dejounte Murray looks fantastic on paper but can appear average at times on the court. Murray’s shooting can seem cold at times, limiting him.

Coach Snyder will get the team well-tuned and spaced on the offensive and defensive sides of the court.

Hawks should be able to battle for a top spot in the southeast division. From there, prove they are not a play-in team from last season. The Hawks, if healthy, should have 41 wins this season or over.






Author: West Lamy

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