Ronda Rousey only improves her recipe for being the best of all time

UFC’s number one women’s fighter Ronda Rousey has a daily routine breakfast dish. The ingredients include two tablespoons of chia seeds, two tablespoons of hemp seeds, two tablespoons of oats, one tablespoon of almond butter, one tablespoon of agave butter, cinnamon, cups of raisins and boiling water. I decided to call it “the Rousey.” She is arguably the best mixed-martial artist of all time, male or female. She has conquered any goal that comes her way. Her next goal can be creating a mixed martial arts move; let me also call it “the Rousey.”

The UFC 190 women’s bantamweight title fight between champion Rousey and challenger Bethe Correia lasted only 34 seconds in the first round. Her 14-second win versus Cat Zingano is the fastest win in a UFC title fight. “I planned to instead of trying to force a clinch to overwhelm her, striking first so that she would want to clinch first and that is exactly what happened,” Rousey stated. Her last three fights have lasted a total of 64 seconds. (Correia 34 seconds by K.O., Zingano 14 seconds by submission and Alexis Davis 16 seconds by KO). If a man put up wins in a timely fashion like Rousey, no argument would be needed.

She is the face of the sport for both sexes as well as one of the biggest female stars in female sports. She has dominated in MMA: 11 fights, 11 wins, 11 finishes, only one opponent lasting into the second round. “I hope that nobody brings up my family any more when it comes to fights. I hope this is the last time,” Rousey stated. Correia entered undefeated and faced the champion in her native Brazil, however cheers did favor Rousey.

Rousey delivers a punch in and out the octagon

There has not been much talk on her being the best of all-time; my point is that she deserves it. The competition is a bit weak, among many, one remains standing. Her résumé speaks for itself and she passes the eye test. She competed in the Olympics at 17 and then won a bronze medal at 21. She was a world-class competitor in judo in her teens. Her boxing skills, which were non-existent when she started, only improved. Her breakfast may not be appetizing, but there are men who lack her discipline in preparation with the balance of personal life.

UFC President Dana White has his hands full. White has a reputation in MMA that does not bode well with its fighters. Backlash from fighters being under paid and the face of MMA is a woman who does not get credit moreover someone he cannot afford to lose a fight. Rousey is not content, she thinks of the bigger picture and understands the special nature of her skills. If a man had the same attitude and work ethic as Rousey, it is frightening how big the culture of MMA would be. The fact that her gender comes in to play does not bring the uniqueness of one the best athletes of our time to the forefront.

She is famous, rich, owns medals from Olympic games, world champion and dare I say beautiful. She’s a fierce competitor who measures herself against a standard most of us can’t even imagine. Is she still motivated? Yes. The passing of WWF great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Correia’s pre-fight banter with the wrong use of the word suicide was all she needed coming in. “We lost a close friend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper who gave us permission to use his name as a fighter and I hope him and my dad enjoyed watching this today,” Rousey stated after the win. Her father committed suicide. A real fighter always finds motivation. Rousey begins first thing in the morning with her own added ingredients to what is already a winning recipe.


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