The Dolphins make me cry, the New Miami Stadium

You were born in the year 1987 under the name Joe Robbie Stadium and you’ve been known by a number of names since. You’ve been called Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Land Shark Stadium and Sun Life Stadium. The latest, New Miami Stadium. The name works moreover is considered a rebirth worth celebrating.

The rebirth of where the Miami Dolphins will play this upcoming season is something out of a rap video. The New Miami Stadium if it were a rapper would have insane flow. The video models are insane and the shoes worn are as the kids say “the hardest” I have seen. Do not forget the pinky ring. Last but not least the drinks poured, clean.

$350 million in staduim renovations

Work began in 2014; HOK is the architect and Hunt Construction managed the project. The cost of modernization of the team’s existing stadium was $350 million. To ensure that the Dolphins did not miss any home games, the extensive renovations are being completed in three-year phases. In 2015, every seat in the 29-year-old facility was replaced and innovative seating products were introduced. In 2016, a new, open-air canopy became the stadium’s signature element and moment. It will shade 92 percent of fans, an increase from only 17 percent being covered. Moreover it will capture and amplify crowd noise, enhancing the game day experience. The 2017 renovations will include distinct new designs for the sideline suites and end zone suites will be introduced. The finishing touches will be complete just in time for Super Bowl LIV (54) in 2020.

The game at the Miami Dolphins’ newly renovated stadium in Miami Gardens will be a record 11th to be staged in the 3-0-5 breaking a tie with New Orleans. The money for the renovations was privately funded. This stadium will be so fresh, especially if the Feds are watching, literally.

The wrapping on your rap cd are the video boards. Four 1,472-inch screens in each corner of the stadium for a total of 22,400 square feet, the largest in the AFC East.

Born in 87, however there will be more marquee events to keep the birthday party going.





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