In the Heat of the moment, Miami adds Kyle Lowry and sign Jimmy Butler to extension

More money, no problems. 36-year-old Chris Paul became the oldest player to sign a 100 million dollar contract in NBA history after signing a 4-year 120 million dollar deal to remain with the Phoenix Suns. 

Meanwhile, in the city of Miami. 

Pat Riley and the Miami Heat made the biggest splash in free agency. 

The Heat are the ultimate win-now team with key players in their in the thirty-plus age range. Kyle Lowry will improve this team, moreover leading a very underrated big three for the Heat. They will be a fun team to watch besides a tough team to play against. 

Toronto Raptors received the talents of point guard Goran Dragic and power forward Precious Achiuwa in the Lowry deal.

Lowry has always been intrigued with the Heat culture, and his relationship with Jimmy Butler was a factor.

I like the fit. PJ Tucker, Markieff Morris, and Lowry are culture guys. The Heat are better. I am not sure their ceiling is higher than last year.

Tucker is the replacement for Jae Crowder; however, Crowder is more versatile offensively. Tucker is going to stand in the corner and be ready to shoot three-pointers when ready. Downgrade from Crowder but upgrade from Trevor Ariza, Maurice Harkless, Kelly Olynyk, and Andre Iguodala. Tucker is a better shooter, and that is what the Heat rather have now.

Lowry has played 70 games once in the past five seasons. 

Lowry is 35; what does he have left? He needs to be as crucial to the offense as Bam is to the defense of this Heat team. The Heat is at their best right now, but regression is evident. The flip side of it is the players improving; Bam is getting better, Duncan is getting better, Tyler Herro is expected to strengthen, Gabe Vincent, Fingers crossed on KZ Okpala.

The Heat added sprinkles on the icing after Jimmy Butler agreed to a maximum contract extension that could be worth up to $184 million over four years.

There are more Jimmy fans than me on this one. Butler is very good; outside of the NBA Finals, I have not seen him be great. The goal is a championship, and Butler is the standard the Heat are measuring to. Butler is a top 20 player, but the Heat need a top 10 player. He is not old, but he is Tom Thibodeau coaching old. Knee injury problems in the past will not be overlooked. Jimmy has not played 70 games in any of the last four seasons. The Heat was not going to get this deal done for cheaper. 

Bravo for Duncan Robinson on his 5-year 90 million dollar deal with the Heat. It is the largest contract for an undrafted player in NBA history. It is an incredible story. He had a rough NBA playoffs, but this entire Heat team had a wild playoffs. He is a three-point shooting specialist. He is valuable to the Heat offense; opposing teams will respect him when roaming the three-point line. It is a ton of money for a three-point shooter; time will tell if he earns that money in the long run. 





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