In the Heat of the moment, Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls losing second round picks for violating free agency is not a slap on the wrist

NEW YORK, NY – The NBA announced today that the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat each violated league rules governing the timing of this season’s free agency discussions and that the league has directed that each team’s next available second-round draft pick be forfeited.

The Heat were simple and disagreed with the investigation.

These determinations followed investigations into free agency discussions engaged in by the Bulls with respect to Lonzo Ball and by the Heat with respect to Kyle Lowry.

In the Heat of the moment, Miami adds Kyle Lowry and sign Jimmy Butler to extension

The Bulls are currently 14-8 and The Heat are currently 13-8 in the Eastern Conference.

Here is a thought, since 1989 the NBA Draft has consisted of two rounds but not all of the players go in the first round.

Reigning MVP Nicola Yokic selected in the second round 41st overall, Hall of Famer Toni Kukoc second round 29th overall, future Hall of Famer Manu Ginobili second to the last pick of the second round, Draymond Green, Kris Middleton, Marc Gasol, Danny Green, Patty Mills all valuable names and NBA Champions selected in the second round.

A future great player may have been lost though Miami was simple with their reaction and comment.

The beat goes on.

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